Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the technology of sorting, storing and sharing of the website bookmarks online. We all are aware of the whole bookmark thing. Generally, all computer and web users bookmark some websites on their computers for future use. Bookmarking a website or a webpage helps a user to find them conveniently later on. Social bookmarking is similar to the above concept with a difference that the website bookmarks are stored online.

There are many social bookmarking sites present on the web. These are often visited by heavy traffic because of the diversity of the categories and links they provide. Webmasters visit such social bookmarking sites and deposit their web links. The usual process is followed by creating a profile first and then posting information, images, videos or articles related to your website on the bookmarking website. Make sure these are quality articles. Also make sure that your URLs must contain keyword rich content which will help in getting in the top ranks. The social bookmarking websites also give an option of tags. Make sure to write short phrases with targeted keywords in tags. Many people visit such websites as a part of web recreation activity and if your links are impressive and well represented, users are definitely going to visit your website hence increasing your website traffic.

Advantage of social bookmarking is that the users can re-post your links on their profiles or elsewhere on the web. This will increase the exposure of your website. Social bookmarking benefits the SEO campaign by increasing the load of traffic to your website. The website’s rank is raised in the search engine results. Now, how does that happen? Well, the best part of social bookmarking your website is that these websites help you with back links. And we sure well know the importance of back links in the sight of search engines. These are the little things that help you ascend up the ladder of search engine results page and increase your website’s exposure and visibility on the web. Care must be taken to go for do-follow social bookmarking websites and not no-follow websites. No-follow websites do not help with back links.

It is recommended that you let the SEO services providers do social bookmarking for you. There are minor things to consider while bookmarking your site like non-repetition of the URLs or not posting same links here and there on one social bookmarking site. In fact, links shall be placed on several social bookmarking sites to increase the visibility graph of your website. Top Notch Web Solutions offer their services in social bookmarking. We provide complete package of SEO services at reasonable price.

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