On Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can be done in two ways - On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization. Optimization of the website is done to enhance the ranking of the website in the search engine results page. The On-page optimization factors directly affect the ranking of the website on the natural search engine results.
The various things that should be done on On-page optimization are: Web designing, appropriate title, keywords, incorporate targeted keywords, content writing, URL mapping, HTML tags and image optimization. The beginning of On-page optimization can be initiated with designing the website in the search engine friendly manner such that it doesn’t pose any difficulty to the search engine while crawling and indexing the web pages. The next important thing is to give appropriate titles as these are the first to be recognized by the search engines. Every web page of the website should have a title. It should be short and should clearly send out the message intended to be sent.

Targeted keywords are very imperative tools of On-page optimization. These are the keywords which the users search for. Incorporating such keywords in the titles, content and URLs is a remarkable way to gain the attention of the search engines. Over repeating of the keywords here, there and everywhere should be avoided. The first and foremost priority of content writing should be the readers. The content should be written for the readers and later on edited for the search engines. The readers and search engines, both should be satisfied. Great care should be taken to keep the content original. Copied data repels the search engines and also the readers. Keywords should be used in places where they are relevant and make sense.

HTML tags are also taken care of in On-page optimization of the website. The description is the important part of the Meta tags. The description should be carefully and precisely written down incorporating important information about the website and what it intends to provide with. It shall be appealing to the visitors of the website and shall provide them with what they are looking for. The header tags are also given great value by the search engines. The header tags should also include the titles or keywords. Other options are to make the text bold or italics for quick recognition. Image optimization shall also be done while optimizing the website.

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