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Websites are made accessible on the internet by the service known as web hosting. It is upon the web hosting service provider that the websites can be reached by people and that it is legally registered with a server. They let website share a space on their servers and provide them with internet connectivity. Before opting for web hosting of a new website, one must know what type of web hosting will be beneficial for the website and the owner.

Shared type of web hosting is the most popular and convenient one. This type of web hosting means that one website shares a server with many other websites. The advantage of this type is that the cost per month is reduced. The server allows you to use tools and other programs which might help in optimizing the website. The websites can use their own domain names as well. The disadvantage of this type of web hosting is of slow speed since many websites use the same server. Because of increased traffic, the website may become less secure. There is restriction on database and software support as well. Another disadvantage is that the popularity of one website affects the other websites negatively.

Dedicated web hosting is the most expensive of all. One server is completely dedicated to one website. This is beneficial for the website with very high traffic. All the resources of the server can be made use of without sharing with any other websites. Being the one and only, the websites’ performance becomes really high.

Collocated web hosting service offers you to have your own web server but it is located at a place of the service provider. The data centre or service provider will provide with physical necessities like electricity, cooling, internet connectivity and security but you yourself are responsible for the maintenance of the server and its resources. The advantage is that of the availability of high band-width, high security and endless software options.

These are the main types of web hosting services that the clients opt for; shared web hosting being the most popular one. All of these are paid services. Paid web hosting services undoubtedly offer better resources and options to optimize the websites than the free web hosting services. Free web hosting service is limited. It is not very popular and is usually supported by advertisements.

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Domains & Hosting
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